Monday, March 23, 2009

ApacheCon plans

It's ApacheCon time again. I'll be flying to Amsterdam later today, and will probably be pretty busy for the entire week. Some highlights:


  • Maven meetup. I'll probably arrive at the conference hotel just in time for the Maven meetup, where I'm hoping to catch up with the latest news from the Maven land.


  • Git hacking. During the Hackathon on Tuesday I hope to get together with Grzegorz and anyone else interested in setting up

  • Commons Compress. There's some useful code in the Commons Compress component that I hope to use in Apache Tika. If I have time during the Hackathon I want to help push the component towards its first release.

  • CMIS / Chemistry update. I've been meaning to check out the CMIS code that Florent Guillaume has been working on recently. I'd love to get the effort better integrated into Jackrabbit.

  • Commons XML. I've been gathering some JAXP utility code to a new XML library in the Commons sandbox. I hope to spend some time pushing more code there and perhaps discussing the concept with some interested people.

  • Juuso lab. I have lots of new ideas about RDF processing and Prolog. Hoping to turn those into working code.

  • Lucene meetup. Catching up with the latest in Lucene and telling people about Tika and the Lucene integration we have in Jackrabbit. Unfortunately I only have one hour to spend here before the JCR meetup starts.

  • JCR meetup. Starting at 8pm, the JCR meetup is one of the key highlights of the conference for me. We'll be covering stuff related to the Jackrabbit and Sling projects. You're welcome to join us (sign up here) if you're interested in the latest news from the content repository world.


And lots of other stuff, too much to keep track of...

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  1. Unfortunately I won't be there tomorrow to work on commons-compress, I won't arrive before Wednesday morning.

    Hope you will find anybody else to collaborate with - otherwise your schedule for tomorrow looks busy enough without compress anyway ;-)

    Have fun