Saturday, January 13, 2007

ApacheCon proposals

ApacheCon US 2006 was the first ApacheCon I attended, and I went there mostly to look around and get a feeling of the event. Encouraged by the good reception of my ad-hoc presentations there, I wanted to step up and propose some real sessions for the next ApacheCon. Thus, my proposals for ApacheCon Europe 2007 are:

  • Up to Speed with Java Content Repository API and Jackrabbit
    Joint session with Alexandru Popescu. Targeted for people interested in content management with JCR and Jackrabbit.

  • Structure and Implementation of Apache Jackrabbit
    A walktrough of the Jackrabbit internals. Not just for Jackrabbit developers but for anyone who is interested in seeing a reasonably complex codebase explained using various analysis and diagramming methods (like DSM).

I also proposed a half-day tutorial on JCR content management, and we'll probably arrange an informal Jackrabbit BOF during the event.