Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Apache Jackrabbit 1.6.0 released

The Apache Jackrabbit project has just released Jackrabbit version 1.6.0. This release will most likely be the latest JCR 1.0 -based Jackrabbit 1.x minor release before the upcoming Jackrabbit 2.0 and the upgrade to JCR version 2.0. The purpose goal of this release is to push out as many of the recent Jackrabbit trunk improvements as possible so that the number of new things in Jackrabbit 2.0 remains manageable.

Download Apache Jackrabbit 1.6.0

The most notable changes and new features in this release are:

  • The RepositoryCopier tool makes it easy to backup and migrate repositories (JCR-442). There is also improved support for selectively copying content and version histories between repositories (JCR-1972).

  • A new WebDAV-based JCR remoting layer has been added to complement the existing JCR-RMI layer (JCR-1877, JCR-1958).

  • Query performance has been further optimized (JCR-1820, JCR-1855 and JCR-2025).

  • Added support for Ingres and MaxDB/SapDB databases (JCR-1960, JCR-1527).

  • Session.refresh() can now be used to synchronize a cluster node with changes from the other nodes in the cluster (JCR-1753).

  • Unreferenced version histories are now automatically removed once all the contained versions have been removed (JCR-134).

  • Standalone components like the JCR-RMI layer and the OCM framework have been moved to a separate JCR Commons subproject of Jackrabbit, and are not included in this release. Updates to those components will be distributed as separate releases.

  • Development preview: There are even more JSR 283 features in Jackrabbit 1.6 than were included in the 1.5 version. These new features are accessible through special "jsr283" interfaces in the Jackrabbit API. Note that none of these features are ready for production use, and will be replaced with final JCR 2.0 versions in Jackrabbit 2.0.

This release is the result of contributions from quite a few people. Thanks to everyone involved, this is open source in action!