Sunday, November 22, 2009

Daily Shoot, week 1

A week ago James Duncan Davidson and Mike Clark launched @dailyshoot, a Twitter feed that posts daily photo assignments. The idea is to encourage people who want to learn photography to practice it every day with the help of a simple assignment that fits a single tweet. I'm following Duncan's blog, so I found out about Daily Shoot the day it was launched.

So far I've completed all the assignments and I've already learned quite a bit doing so. It's very interesting to see how other people interpret the same assignments. I avoid looking at other responses before completing an assignment so that I don't end up just copying someone else's approach. Once I'm done I look at what other's have done for some nice insight on what I could have done differently. The process is quite educational.

Here's what I've shot this week:

You can click on the pictures for more background on each assignment and how I approached it. For more information on Daily Shoot, see the recently launched website.

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